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Why You Have to Create Your Own T shirt

Shirts have gone a long way since their humble beginnings as casual wear and something that you put under more formal suits, and they are experiencing a powerful revival in recent years.

For the past twenty or so years, better and cheaper printing technology has allowed folks to create their own t shirts. But what could you put on a custom t shirt?

There are absolutely no limitations. Here are just a few design ideas for when you’re ready to Create Your Own Shirt


T shirtEveryone loves a good quote, right? Quotes have this great ability to draw in other people’s attention and a really good one can make people think – hey that’s really clever!

The easiest way to get a memorable quote for a custom t shirt is to browse available design ideas and templates.

If you don’t want to do additional research, that is absolutely fine: there are so many available shirt templates out there to choose from.

Pick the ones that really speak to you.

The golden rule here is: you’ve got to be entertained by the quote yourself. If you don’t agree with it, there’s a big chance that it might not be so good.

Pop culture

Another source of great quotes and material for custom shirt designs is pop culture. When you’re talking about pop culture, you’re actually looking at a big, wide space that includes traditional books, comic books, film, cartoons, etc.

Anything and everything where another person’s creativity has landed and has been put out there for consumption can be called a part of popular culture.

If you’re into TV, there’s also a wealth of ideas there – what personalities have said in the past, whether outrageous or memorable, these can all help you think of a great quote for your shirt.

To spice things up, try to combine the quotation or line that you want printed with an image that really magnifies the message of the quote.

For example, if your quote is “I belong to the Fight Club,” then you may want to add a piece of soap to the design because that is one of the more memorable ideas in the Fight Club film starring Brad Pitt.

This is just one very simple example of how custom shirt designs come to be. There aren’t very many limitations, creative-wise when you’re deciding upon a new design.

Giving the shirt to someone?

Giving someone a custom-printed t-shirt is one of the grandest things you can do, especially if you just give it as a way of saying that you love or appreciate another person.

The great thing about a custom shirt is you don’t have to search for hours in bargain bins or anywhere else to find that wonderful design that you know the recipient of the shirt will appreciate. You can make it yourself.

So how do we do it? How do we make a custom shirt the perfect gift for your significant other, friend, colleague, or whoever happens to be the lucky guy/gal who will be getting the shirt?

Step one is to think about what the other person is really interested in. When we say ‘interested,’ we’re not just talking about food, fashion, or the more common interests that people have.

What is the recipient interested in beyond those common areas?


For example, a person who is a practitioner of meditation might be interested in a shirt with a minimalistic design that says “in the present,” because folks who meditate like ‘being in the moment’ and not rushing about.

Obviously, knowing the other person’s personality is a plus when you want to give a custom shirt as a gift. But more than just personality, the recipient of the shirt will appreciate the gift more if the design has been well thought out.

Some design ideas that you can use include the person’s favorite quote, book, movie, place (as in physical place), activity, actors, actresses, fictional characters, etc.

As long as the image and text in the shirt will be easily recognizable to the person receiving the shirt, you’re on the right track.

And hey – it won’t hurt to add a dash of humor to your design, right? Just make sure that the humor will be 100% appreciated. Not all jokes ‘land properly’ if you know what we mean.

 Getting started with creating your own t shirt

Custom t shirt websites have changed aplenty since they become more popular in the early 2000s. Now the process is literally painless, with lots of potential of having fun while designing your own t shirt.

The first step is to select the size, type, and if available, the material or make of the shirt that you’d like. Select the color, too. More often than not, you are going to see a dizzying array of choices.  To simplify the process and if the shirt is for you, simply check dimensions and material of your most comfortable shirt and use it as a reference on the custom shirt website.

The next step is the fun bit: selecting a design. With so much creativity and art going on online, custom shirt websites offer so many design templates to choose from. Use specific search terms or keywords to find the right type of design. You never know what you’re going to find when you look at pre-made templates.

If you don’t like the templates provided, create your own and upload to the website. All that’s left now is to confirm your design, place your order and wait for your shirt to arrive in the mail. Trust us – it gets really addictive after a while, especially when you start experimenting with truly expressing yourself as a creative person through your clothes.

Creative t shirts have an immediate impact on people, so if you are trying to make a statement and you want people to pay attention – and fast – you definitely need to get some more custom shirts.

Where will your personal customization journey take you next? Let’s find out – time to design your first shirt.


How Misters Are Used in Industrial Settings

Most people are familiar with misters as some sort of apparatus used for cooling people off. They are an especially common sight in outdoor events that attract a lot of people. They are a sort of a modified and improved sort of electric fan.

Mist fans are similar to electric fans in that they use the same methods for generating a gust of wind. Mist fans have an electric motor inside. This electric motor is connected to a rod which has several fan blades attached Mistto it. The rod is spun by the electric motor. The fan blades are angles in such a way as to draw in air from the rear and push it forward, thus creating a gust of wind.

Misters are slowly getting popularity with the general population. A cheap price combined with low electricity consumptions makes a mist fan a lucrative cooling solution for most people looking to save up on money. However, mist fans are also seeing a lot of use in heavy industries.
Heavy industries have begun to use mist fans as a cheap solution to some of the biggest problems they deal with. Below are some of the few ways that heavy industries have begun to use mist fans.

Controlling foul odor using mist fans

Smell is one of the most common byproducts in heavy industrial working environments. All the heavy machinery, chemicals, and so on all produce some sort of smell that is offensive to the senses. Some industries even deal with things like waste management an industry where a foul odor is an everyday issue.

Smell, basically speaking, is tiny little particles of whatever it is a person smells flying around their nose. Smell can be prevented by getting rid of the tiny particles that float freely through the air.

Mist fans are capable of neutralizing smell because of the tiny water droplets that they produce. The microscopic water particles mix with the odor causing particles and drag them to the ground. This prevents the odor from freely floating around the air and spreading.

Misters and dust management

Dust can be a hazard in some industrial settings. Miners for example have to deal with all the dust from all the earth and rock that they have to move. Cement factories have to deal with a lot of dust considering the things that they have to move. Lumber yards also produce dust from all the wood that they have to cut and process.

Again, the tiny water molecules that mist fans can produce helps in helping industries manage dust. Dust is basically small tiny solid particles floating around in the air. This can be dirt, dead skin cells, saw dust, and so much more. Mist fans can help manage dust.Industrial
The mist fan’s tiny water particles mix with the dust. Once it mixes with the water particles, the dust becomes too heavy and gets pinned to the ground. This prevents dust from spreading around through the air. The mist fan does not get rid of the dust so much as it just prevents it from floating around freely.

Cooling heavy machinery

Another common use of mist fans is in heavy industries. Heavy machines require a lot of power in order to move. As a consequence of all that power, heavy machines tend to produce a lot of heat. This heat can be problematic because it can ruin the machine if the machine does not cool down.

Mist fans are efficient and do not cost a lot of money to operate. They represent a cheap, but effective, means of cooling off heavy machinery. Misters can save companies a lot of money by avoiding any trouble caused by a broken machine.